Toll House Cookie Recipe – Changes Made To Create Toll House Cookies

toll house cookie recipe

The Nestle Toll House Cookie Recipe remains one of the most popular recipes to come out of Nestle. The Nestle Toll House Cookie Recipe remains a family favorite, often with grandmothers or moms. This classic chocolate chip cookie recipe has been enjoyed for generations. This is probably why this recipe has made it’s way into the hearts and homes of so many. When looking for a high quality cookie recipe it is important to get advice from a professional baking chef or from someone who has made this particular cookie.

This particular Toll House Cookie Recipe was inspired by the traditional chocolate chip cookies that were given to nursing mothers during their pregnancy. The cookies were so popular that they were soon to be introduced to the rest of the world. They were a hit and quickly became a Nestle Toll House cookie recipe that every mother wanted to have. These tasty cookies could be stored for days in the freezer and were a quick fix for any mom on the go.

An Overview

Cookie Recipe

This simple recipe has only changed slightly over the years. While most Toll House Cookies use white sugar, brown sugar is used in some of the more elaborate cookies. For the original recipe all purpose flour was used. The most recent versions of this chocolate chip cookie recipe include flour, sugar, and eggs. There is also a pinch of vanilla in these cookies.

The success of this classic recipe is largely due to the quality of ingredients that are used. In the early days, the Toll House Cookies were baked in an electric griddle that was very flat and did not give much room for moving the dough around. It is important to remember when baking these classic cookies that you must grease the parchment paper with vegetable oil before placing the cookies in the griddle. This will prevent them from sticking to the griddle. You can also bake the biscuits into smaller versions called “chocolate chip cookies” by using browned butter and chocolate chips instead of butter and chocolate.

Toll House Cookie Recipes

Cookie Recipe

One of the reasons this famous cookie recipe has continued to be so successful is that it can be modified to meet a wide variety of tastes. When I was in high school my favorite cookies were the chocolate chip ones. However, my daughter’s favorite are the cinnamon twists. As she gets older, she likes the cinnamon ones, too. You can modify this cookie recipe to suit your taste with ingredients such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and chopped nuts.

In the early years of the Toll House Cookie Recipe there was no table utensil to mix the dry ingredients with. The only choice was to mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl until they came out combined. This was not the safest way, because anything can happen when mixing something as large as a bowl. It is important to have a small bowl that you can cover when mixing because it is easier to mix with a lid than it is with a big bowl that is open. Also, make sure you have all the ingredients in the small bowl.

Bottom Line

The ingredients that you will need to make these wonderful cookies are: Two cups of flour, three tablespoons of sugar, two teaspoons of baking soda, one teaspoon of vanilla extract, approximately two to three tablespoons of milk, and about a quarter teaspoon of salt. If the flour and sugar are not available in your area, then you may want to substitute them for flour and brown rice flour. The milk should be sweetened according to your preferences. Another option is soy milk. With the ingredients in hand, you will be ready to begin your masterpiece.

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