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Tips To Make Chocolate Bark

making chocolate bark

Making chocolate bark is one of my favorite things to do as a chocolate lover! It’s not just simple fun, but it’s also good for you! If you’re new to making chocolate bark, you should know that this is very similar to making chocolate bark in your own home. There are some differences in the recipe. Instead of just adding the chocolate, you will add the eggs and butter. This makes it very rich and creamy.

You’ll need a mixer, a bowl set (which sometimes comes with a handle), and a milk carton or other sturdy container with at least an inch of air space. These things come in handy when you’re making chocolate bark because it prevents the mixture from cracking. Next you’ll need chocolate, an egg, and a whole lot of sugar.

Boil Some Water

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To begin, you’ll need to boil some water to make sure that the chocolate doesn’t boil over or boil too much. Once this is done, you can then add the chocolate and stir until smooth. You’ll need about one and a half teaspoons of chocolate in each carton or jar you fill, which is plenty!

Next, you’ll have to beat the egg and sugar until they are very soft. Once this is done, you can fold in the dry ingredients (including the nuts if you used them) and put the lid on the container. Let it sit for about five minutes so that all of the chocolate has solidified. After about five minutes, you can remove it and slice it into chunks!

Delicious Chocolate Mixture

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Once you have done this, you can pour the melted chocolate into your mold and then press down gently. It is important to press it down gently because the chocolate will spread if you press too hard. If you want your chocolate to look more like gooey marshmallows, then you can also pipe it onto the mold with a small nozzle. You should probably work in smaller batches to avoid an over-pour of melted chocolate. This will make a more delicious chocolate mixture, but it is very simple!

As you can see, making your own chocolate bar is relatively simple and takes very little time at all! You will definitely enjoy eating it every time you want to indulge. Not only that, but the time and effort you save can be really helpful when you have other things that need to get done. And speaking of other things…

The Necessary Tools

Before you begin, you’ll need to have access to the necessary tools. You will need a food processor, a food mixer, a small bowl, and a microwave safe container. You’ll also need some liquid soap and food coloring. As for the chocolate, you’ll need Ghirardelli chocolate, which is dark chocolate. So, apart from a nice container to hold the melting chocolate, you’ll also need to have a double boiler set up, and a double boiler or microwave-safe bowl. These are all easily found at any local grocery store or in many retail stores.

Once you have gathered these supplies, you’re all set! All you need to do is melt down the chocolate. Allow it to melt completely, and then scoop out chunks from the chocolate. Let them cool, and then place them into their appropriate containers!

The Fun Part

Now comes the fun part! Making chocolate bark is actually pretty easy, especially when you have all the right tools! When you first start making chocolate bark, you may want to try a recipe that has a chunk of chocolate for the center. This makes the process go a lot faster, and you won’t have to waste as much chocolate if you mess up.

The center should be covered with a smoothie or cream cheese. Then you simply pour in your chocolate center and spread it around until it looks smooth and creamy. Then you spoon in your favorite toppings, and you’re done! The fun part is just waiting for it to cool and eating the chocolate that you’ve created. That’s why making chocolate bark is a great way to eat healthy and to watch your diet!


Now you know a little bit more about making chocolate bark. The most important thing is to have all the right ingredients. When you have them, the rest is a matter of putting it together, and enjoying the delicious chocolate bark you’ve made! Good luck with your chocolate making!

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