The Mini Chocolate Cupcake Recipe - A Popular Alternative To The Standard Recipe - The Mini Chocolate Cupcake Recipe - A Popular Alternative To The Standard Recipe -

The Mini Chocolate Cupcake Recipe – A Popular Alternative To The Standard Recipe

Mini Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

The Mini Chocolate Cupcake Recipe is extremely popular these days. There are so many different versions floating around the internet and I am pretty sure there are more being created every day. The good news is, there is a very easy way to make a batch of cupcakes that almost triple the amount of cupcakes you can make. Here is how you do it.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Preparing Mini Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

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The two most important things you have to remember when performing this mini chocolate cupcake recipe is you’ll end up making three times as many mini chocolate cupcakes as you normally would, and the bake time is going to be less than half of what the recipe calls for. All you have to do is combine all the dry ingredients together in one bowl. Then you pour in two cups of semi-sweet or dark chocolate. Let this mixture sit and mix for about five minutes. This will yield a yummy smooth batter. Next, you grab your measuring spoon and fill each cup all the way to the top.

Next, you just spoon the batter into your baking pan and bake it. You can either bake it for approximately twenty minutes or until it comes out warm from the oven. This will give you the best chance to get a rich chocolate glaze on your mini chocolate cupcake recipe. Once the cake comes out, you can now add the glaze and let it set for at least thirty minutes before you pull it out of the oven. If your recipe does not specify, you may just use the wet method mentioned above.

Add Rich Chocolate Glaze To The Recipe

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If you wish to serve your mini cupcake recipe at an adult party, you can add a rich chocolate glaze to the cake. Just mix the chocolate glaze into the mini cupcake liners. Then, add your chocolate buttercream frosting to the outer edge. You do not have to frost all the way around as this can ruin your mini cupcake recipe.

Do not forget that if you make mini cupcakes you can also decorate them however you want. You may add decorations such as cupcake liners, edible spray and chocolate chips. If you are serving these cupcakes at a child’s birthday party, you may want to consider making the cupcakes with edible silver paper and glitter. If you are serving your mini chocolate cupcake recipe at an adult party, then you can use heavy cream cheese and chocolate syrups. These will definitely look beautiful and delicious when you are serving them at a baby shower or wedding shower. Make sure you take plenty of time to plan how you will decorate your cupcakes because this will definitely make your cupcakes one of a kind.

Mini Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

You will first need to find a clean and large bowl in which you can pour the batter into. In order to prevent your batter from spilling out on the sides of the bowl, it is a good idea to grease or flour the bottom of the bowl in which you are pouring the batter into. Now you are ready to begin pouring the chocolate chips and sugar into the bowl. It is important that you stir the batter very thoroughly so that all of the chips and sugar are mixed well.

Take your time and stir the batter very carefully. You should not have to over stir the batter. Once the chips and sugar have been mixed into the batter, you can pour this mixture into your cupcake pan. The key to making a successful cupcake is to bake it until the toothpick comes out from the top.

Final Thoughts

You should not have to bake the cupcake for more than ten to twelve minutes. You should check the toothpick every couple of minutes to make sure that it comes out cleanly. Then you simply add the chopped up candy bars, chocolate pieces, and unsweetened cocoa powder. It is important that you cover the cupcake tightly with the plastic wrap or you will have cupcake-like monsters roaming the kitchen.

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