History OF Hershey Chocolate

Important Things About Hershey Chocolate

You will not believe how many magical kisses Hershey makes every day! My chocolate story starts with Hershey, what does yours start with? Every individual loves to have chocolate, right? And almost every individual has his or her own chocolate story, true? One thing that might be common in the chocolate story of every individual is Hershey chocolate without a doubt. My favorite experience of having chocolate was visiting Hershey, the chocolate capital in Pennsylvania. It was completely different from anything that I had experienced earlier. The entire area smelled like chocolate, the feeling was incredible. I had a lot of chocolate during my trip and I do not regret it.

Important Things About Hershey Chocolate

Hershey’s Delicious History

Have you ever thought of how chocolate products from Hershey gained so much popularity? It all started in the year 1857, post two complete failures. Milton S. Hershey, the founder, worked as an apprentice with a candy making company during his teenage. He tried starting a chocolate business himself but failed. Once again, he thought of starting the same business in New York but he gained nothing. It was a complete failure. It was then that he thought of making caramels using fresh milk and laid the foundation stone of a firm in Lancaster, PA. So, it was caramel and not chocolate that was made by Hershey- the company, in its first attempt.

Mass-Production Of Chocolate

During the World’s Expo held in Chicago in 1893, Hershey was fascinated by chocolate-making tools and equipment from Germany. So, he bought two machines for his company at Lancaster. A bit of business-savviness from Hershey and these two machines together led to the mass-production of milk chocolate for the very first time in history. It was from this time onwards that chocolate no longer remained a luxury meant only for the rich and the well-to-do.

There’s A Whole Town Committed To Chocolate

Yes, you might be surprised to know but it is true that Hershey built an entire town committed to chocolate. It is known as the Chocolate Town in the United States. At this place, you get the scope of taking a tour of the chocolate-making procedure at Hershey. You can hop on trolleys and watch 4D movies. You also get to take some sweet souvenirs home and join in with chocolate tastings. It is a magical experience that chocolate lovers should never miss out on.

Hershey Is Available In 10 Countries And 24 Locations

Too good to be true, but yes, you can visit a Hershey center, no matter where you are located. Starting from TN, Memphis to Sao Paulo, Hong Kong to Brazil to Seoul to Tokyo, Guadalajara to Korea and Dubai to Mexico, there is a chocolate manufacturing facility available at every step of the way.

Chocolates From Hershey Can Be Put On Almost Anything

Hershey has launched its very own chocolate spread that can be slathered on waffles, morning toasts, strawberries, cheesecakes, pancakes, graham crackers, and even ice creams- the possibilities seem to be endless.

Important Things About Hershey Chocolate

From pumpkin spice and carrot cakes to birthday cakes, you might have witnessed an insane host of Hershey chocolate kisses all these years. And people are excited to know what the company dream’s next.

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