The Best Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies Recipe For You To Use And Enjoy -

The Best Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies Recipe For You To Use And Enjoy

oatmeal chocolate cookies recipe

Oatmeal and Chocolate is like a match made in Heaven. That is why Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies are always so delicious to eat. They are soft and chewy and have a gooey center that you can enjoy for quite some time. The best thing about this type of cookie is that there is no particular time of the year to which these cookies are restricted. They can be had as a part of almost any meal or simply standalone and these delectable treats can be enjoyed at any time of the calendar. So here you can learn how to make mouth-watering Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies that you can make for all your loved ones and also why these cookies tend to taste so great.

The Ingredients To Use

You’ll need 1 and a half cups or 190g of all-purpose flour.

A teaspoon of ground cinnamon can be added(according to taste).

One Teaspoon each of Baking Soda and Salt will be necessary.

A cup(2 sticks) or 230g of unsalted butter, must be softened to room temperature.

You will need a cup or 200g of packaged Dark Brown or Light Sugar.

Then comes a half cup or 100g of Granulated Sugar.

Get two large eggs to room temperature.

One Table of unsulphured or Dark Molasses is next on the list.

You will need 2 Teaspoons and 1and ¾ cups of Pure Vanilla Extract and semi-sweet Chocolate Chips, respectively.

Finally comes 3 cups or 240g of “old-fashioned” whole rolled oats.

Making The Cookies

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You start by whisking the dry ingredients including the flour, cinnamon, baking soda and salt, together. Add the oats later.

Next is mixing the wet ingredients together.

Now, combine both the wet and dry mixtures.

Then it’s time to add in the oats and chocolate chips. Remember that the dough will be sticky and thick.

Keep the dough in the fridge for a minimum of 45 minutes, to stop the cookies from overspreading.

Finally scoop cookie dough balls according to the size you want and bake till the edges are crisp, but the centers look soft.

Remember, that using a cookie scoop will help you prevent a mess, as the dough can get very sticky. You are also assured that all the cookies will be identical in size shape.

Why These Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies Tend To Taste So Great

You know that an Oatmeal Chocolate Cookie has been an absolute success when it has these three characteristics – a slow bend, a chewy texture and it is ultra soft. These cookies turn out to have a slightly crispy edge, along with a soft center and are chewy enough to not break immediately, when you try bending it. The “slow bend” is what separates a good Oatmeal Chocolate Cookie from a great one and these particular cookies have that characteristic in spades. These cookies are also extremely soft and feel hearty enough once you’ve finished eating. Owing to their brown sugar content they have a flavorful base and are supremely buttery. The old-fashioned oats put in, gives them their super-chewy texture. Putting in both regular and mini chocolate chips, guarantees more chocolate in each bite, making for the best cookie ever. Lastly, everyone has that memory of how “grandma used to make them’. Adding 1 Tablespoon of Molasses makes these cookies seem like the ones grandma used to make back in the day.

Final Words

So make the most delicious, chewy and bendy Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies and enjoy them with the whole family. These cookies are sure to satiate your taste buds’ cravings and bring a smile on the face of whoever eats it.

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