Read This Healthy Chocolate Cupcake Recipe - Read This Healthy Chocolate Cupcake Recipe -

Read This Healthy Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

healthy chocolate cupcake recipe

An easy recipe for rich bittersweet chocolate cupcakes topped with fudgy bittersweet chocolate frosting. The recipe of healthy chocolate cupcakes has two main ingredients, one is “White whole wheat flour” and another one is “Unsweetened cocoa powder.” White wheat flour is formed by finely grinding a special sort of white wheat, whereas regular whole wheat flour comes from a heartier sort of red wheat. This provides white wheat flour a lighter taste and texture, almost like that of all-purpose flour, but it still has an equivalent health benefit as regular whole wheat flour.


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As for the second part, you only need unsweetened cocoa powder. The cupcakes already taste really rich and dark chocolate without Dutched or special dark cocoa powder. However, it’s incredibly important to measure the cocoa powder correctly, using either a light-weight hand with the spoon and level method or a kitchen scale. I highly recommend the latter. This is often the cheap one that I own, and it has been the simplest $20-$25 I’ve ever spent. An excessive amount of cocoa powder will dry out your cupcakes and make them taste bitter, but my trusty kitchen scale ensures that the cupcakes end up perfectly tender and rich whenever you will eat.

Adding Healthy Maple Syrup Instead Sugar

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To keep the cupcakes clean eating friendly, you’ll sweeten them with pure maple syrup rather than sugar. Make certain to use the great and healthy ingredients. Avoid pancake syrups or sugar-free syrups. Those contain corn syrup or artificial ingredients, which we’re avoiding during this healthier recipe. Pure maple syrup typically comes in thin glass containers or squat plastic jugs, and therefore the only ingredient on the label should be “maple syrup.” You will typically find it near the oatmeal at the grocery store.

Low-fat cupcakes tend to stay in liners like superglue, so I even have a special trick to urge around that. Coat the cupcake liners with nonstick cooking spray. This easy tip means the liners will peel away much easier from the cupcakes once they’ve completely cooled. If the cupcakes still stick quite they ought to, seal them inside an airtight container for a minimum of 24 hours to assist loosen the liners a little more.

Healthy Chocolate Cupcake is Ready

This recipe began as “everything-free cupcakes” but that name never felt quite right. While they are freed from oil, gluten, nuts, dairy, eggs, and sugar, they still contain things. Excellent things actually like dates and oats and cacao.

Okay, I do admit that these will not be as sweet because of the cupcakes you would get at a bakery, but they are definitely a treat that your toddler are going to be happy to probe. You will use any sort of frosting you wish, though I’m a fan of cream cheese frosting since it tastes creamy without the necessity for cups of granulated sugar. You will also add sprinkles or fresh fruit to form these even more fun.

Storage of Chocolate Cupcake

These cupcakes are often made in advance. If stored unfrosted in an airtight container, they will last for two days at room temperature, up to one week within the fridge, or up to three months within the freezer. If you have got extra buttercream you don’t use it are often stored within the fridge in an airtight container or piping bag for up to 2 weeks.

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