Know Your Chocolate Bar: White Or Dark -

Know Your Chocolate Bar: White Or Dark

Know Your Chocolate Bar: White Or Dark

Over decades we have been served a variety of chocolates, a list that has been growing for quite some time now. However, when it comes to broadly categorize the chocolate bars that we have, there are two major varieties – dark chocolates and white chocolates. Well, now that people are becoming more concerned about health and the food they are eating, no wonder chocolate is also on the scrutiny list! The big question that comes up often is that, which chocolate bar is best? Is it the white, or the dark one? So, instead of relying on the rumors, why don’t we check out the facts?

White vs Dark Chocolate Bars – Nutrition Under Review

Historically speaking, when chocolate first came into being, there was no concept of white chocolates. The white chocolate bar came with the concept of addition of milk in chocolates, supposedly improving the nutritional value with the goodness of milk. The color white indeed makes us feel that white chocolates must be full of milk, but, what does the nutritional facts say about it? Well, at least the manufacturers can’t lie about that.

Know Your Chocolate Bar: White Or Dark
Know Your Chocolate Bar: White Or Dark

White Chocolate Bars And The Constituents

Technically speaking we can’t even call white chocolates as chocolates. As per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), white chocolate bar constitutes of milk solids, cocoa butter, butter fat, lecithin, sugar, and added flavors. The interesting thing to note is that this combination does not even include cocoa powder. The only thing related to cocoa is the cocoa butter. That, along with some flavoring, gives white chocolate the flavor of chocolate. And, thus, as many will say, white chocolates are not even chocolates. Keeping in mind the nutritional content, the white color isn’t because of the milk part, as many manufacturers will make you believe. It is because of the vegetable fat. Thus, it is best if you stay a little careful about the amount of white chocolate you are consuming.

Dark Chocolate Bar & The Constituents

Unlike white chocolates, dark chocolates are the oldest and the original variety of chocolate. They may taste bitter or bittersweet, depending upon the cocoa content, but they are by far the purest thing you can get when you consider chocolates. Dark chocolates are suggested as a healthier alternative to white chocolates or even the milk chocolates, majorly because of the low sugar content and the high cocoa content, also the low artificial flavoring and coloring that becomes necessary in other cases. The extremely low content of fats as well as intrinsic anti-oxidative effect that dark chocolate has makes it a much better choice when it comes to maintaining the BMI and ensuring good health of the heart. However, the effect of lipids and glucose cast some shadow over the claim of dark chocolate bar being the best for health.

Know Your Chocolate Bar:  White Or Dark
Know Your Chocolate Bar: White Or Dark

Best Brands In Chocolate Bars

While you are going through the list of nutrient contents of both dark and white chocolate, you need to remember, not all brands are perfect. Globally speaking, Lindt, Hershley, Nestle, Ghirardelli remains among the most preferred ones. While each one has both white and dark varieties, needless to say at this point, a dark chocolate bar a day might just be the perfect way to keep the doctor away!

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