How To Make Your Favorite Chocolate Bowl - How To Make Your Favorite Chocolate Bowl -

How To Make Your Favorite Chocolate Bowl

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The easiest way to make chocolate bowls is with the help of balloons. It is a great party hack, while everyone gets a delight taking a bite of the chocolate bowl. You can first use them as serving bowls for a dessert; and after that, you can eat the delicious bowl to have a delight of chocolate flavour in it.

How To Make Chocolate Bowls By Using Balloons

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To prepare a chocolate bowl, you need to have the following:

Small balloons – This should be in the size of 5 inches per 12cm. Any other size balloon will not work.

Baking Chocolate – Use good quality baking chocolate, which can easily become smooth and viscous when it melts. Bad quality chocolate or chocolate chips will become brittle and cracker apart after you freeze them.

Baking Sheet – Any baking set that fits in your freezer will work for the recipe.

Liner- Use or non-stick baking mat, wax paper, or parchment to line the baking sheet.

Steps To Make Chocolate Bowl

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Chocolate bowls are fabulous for holding ice cream and other delicious desserts at parties and birthdays.You can specially have them at your kids birthday celebrations.

Preparation time: 15 mins

Cooking time: 5mins

Total time: 1Hr 15 mins

Ingredients you may need for the same –

semi-sweet baking chocolate chopped 16 ounce

small balloons (5-inch size) 6 to 8

Preparing Instructions :

With parchment or wax paper, line a large baking sheet. Keep aside a medium serial bowl about 6 inches wide.

Inflate 12th balloons to their normal size.

Place the chocolate(chopped) into a medium microwavable ball.

Slowly melt the chocolate into a double boiler. Microwave that on medium power in 30-second intervals with stirring each time.

Put all the melted chocolate into the bowl.

Dip a balloon of 3inch per 7 cm into the chocolate for coating, then gently press into a dollop on the baking sheet. Repeat the same process for the remaining balloons.

Refrigerate for 3 hours until the melted chocolate becomes solid.

After the chocolate becomes solid, use a toothpick or sharp paring knife for popping the balloon.

Carefully peel all the pieces of the balloon and then lift the bowl from the baking sheet.


You have to keep some points in your mind when you are going to make a chocolate bowl. It it is important to use Kwality baking chocolate twins. The balls don’t crack and fall apart. Try not to use chocolate chips; they will not give a better result. When You Pop the balloon, occasionally bits of a chocolate fly can litter on your clothes , so it’s a good idea to wear an apron to protect the immediate area to avoid a mess. You can make a white chocolate bowl also by applying the same process.

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