How to Create Weed Chocolate Bars at Home -

How to Create Weed Chocolate Bars at Home

making weed chocolate

This recipe for making weed chocolate is great for any occasion. The taste can vary depending on what you are using it for. You can make it for an afternoon snack or potluck or just for fun. The recipe can be made for a big event like a potluck or even a costume party. Use some creative flair and make your own version of weed candy.

Making Weed Chocolate

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Add the sugar, chocolate, and Cannabutter to a medium-size glass bowl. Place the bowl in the center of the oven. Cover the pot with aluminum foil and add enough water to cover the pan. Use a stirring device to mix the ingredients together until the mixture becomes a smooth, creamy consistency. When ready, remove the foil and add the vanilla.

In a glass bowl, boil the two cans of milk until it is just below room temperature. Add the evaporated milk and let cool. In a separate bowl, you will need one-third cup of heavy cream as well as three tablespoons of vanilla extract. Once the milk and vanilla extract are blended, add the sugar and mix until completely blended. Pour this into the can of milk in the pot, which should be already half-filled with water.

Place the pot of mixed contents into the microwave for approximately ten minutes. While the mixture is cooking, take the heavy cream and lightly beat it into the pot of chocolate. When done, remove the pot from the microwave and pour the hot milk into the can of chocolate. Stir to combine all the contents. If desired, you may choose to add a little more marijuana extract to the mix for a stronger flavor.


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Once the pot has cooled off, it is ready to make the second layer of marijuana brownie. In a saucepan, melt the butter over medium heat. Add the vanilla and food coloring, if using, and then carefully add the chocolate to the melted butter. Continue melting the butter until your chocolate has melted completely.

Once all the chocolate has melted completely, pour it into the mold of your choice. Make sure that the mold is smooth, with no large lumps or bubbles. Cover the entire pot with the mold, and allow the mold to cool before removing it. Once the pieces in the mold are smooth and rounded, they are ready to use.

Once your handmade cannabutter is cooled, it is ready to enjoy. Store in an airtight container in a refrigerator so that it will keep for up to one year. If you store the pot in the freezer, leave it out at room temperature, but make sure it is well within your grasp in case it melts. If you are going to make another batch of homemade cannabutter for an important family function, simply add a cup of milk instead of the vanilla extract, and freeze the extra chocolate.


Since making a homemade pot of cannabutter can be so simple, most people like to put it together themselves. Since this involves only a plastic bowl and melted chocolate, this is a great way to do it without going to a cooking school. Simply melt down the plastic bowl, fill it with the mango, and stick it in the molds. Put it in the freezer for about ten minutes before removing the plastic bowl, and you’re done!

Another popular method used to make a pot of marijuana edibles is to use a fondue pot. A fondue pot is a French term referring to the type of pot that resembles a small saucepan, usually made out of metal or ceramic. These pots are perfect for making chocolates and candies because the melted chocolate can be poured into individual balls with the fondue’s edges forming the shapes of cookies or candy. These cookies or candies can also be frozen in the fondue pot’s storage compartment until ready to serve. Fondue pots are available online and in specialty cooking stores.

You may also decide to purchase pre-made weed chocolate bars from specialty stores or online. These edibles are already seasoned and ready to serve. The benefit of purchasing pre-made edibles is the taste and the fact that you know exactly how much each item will weigh because the package will indicate how much each ingredient weighs. Because there is an incredible variety of edibles to choose from, it is possible to create several different flavors for your entourage effect.


In summary, creating chocolate weed fondue is very simple and inexpensive when utilizing pre-packaged fondue containers. When using chocolate fondue, it is important to allow the chocolate to cool before stirring. If chocolate is allowed to cool too long, it may curdle. It is also important to serve your marijuana edibles quickly after the process is completed so that the fondue will have an entourage effect.

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