Get The Chocolate Hennessy Cupcake Recipe - Get The Chocolate Hennessy Cupcake Recipe -

Get The Chocolate Hennessy Cupcake Recipe

chocolate hennessy cupcake recipe

What to do when you just find that today is World Chocolate Day? Everyone would love to bake the chocolate cupcakes but all it is possible by getting the chocolate Hennessy cupcake recipe.

It might not be easy for a beginner to bake a chocolate Hennessy cupcake recipe. One should follow the best recipe for making the chocolate cupcake and it is a combination of chocolate, booze, caramel, and a juicy stick of candied bacon strip.

Ingredients For Chocolate Hennessey Cupcake Recipe-

A piece of chocolate cake on a plate

Salted Cognac Caramel

A bowl of fruit on a plate

· Caster sugar – 150gm

· Heavy Cream – 125ml

· Butter – 70gm

· Cognac – 30ml

· Sea salt – a pinch

Candied Bacon:

o Bacon Strips – 3

o Brown Sugar -50gm

o Cognac – 1 tablespoon

Double Chocolate Cupcake:

§ Flour – 120gm

§ Sugar – 100gm

§ Butter – 100gm

§ Eggs – 2

§ Vanilla -1 teaspoon

§ Baking Powder – 1 teaspoon

§ Cocoa powder – 50gm

§ Melted Dark Chocolate – 50gm

§ Milk – 60ml

Cognac Buttercream Frosting

Ø Butter – 100gm

Ø Icing Sugar – 250gm

Ø Hennessy – 1 1/2 Tablespoons

Method For A Chocolate Hennessy Cupcake Recipe

Candied Bacon Chocolate Hennessy Cupcake Recipe-

o It is advised to preheat the oven to 220 degrees Celsius.

o You have to add the coconut to a bowl and soak the bacon slices at least for 15 minutes.

o There is no need to lie on the silver foil on the cookie sheet.

o Sprinkle the brown sugar on both sides of the back on strips.

o There is needed to lay setup into several pieces and store them rightly in a container once it is candied.

Double Chocolate Cupcake

You have to preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

You have to mix cream sugar and butter in a large bowl.

Beat the one egg at a time.

Add the vanilla as well as melted chocolate into the mixture.

You have to mix the baking powder into a chemical powder after adding the milk.

Once you are baked, you have to keep it cool on a cooling rack.

In a large bowl, you have to mix the buttercream until it is smooth and fluffy.

There is a need to add 1/3 of the icing sugar.

Once it is perfectly mixed, you do not need to frost on the cold cupcakes.

If anyone wants to prepare a chocolate cupcake you have to follow the mentioned chocolate Hennessy cupcake recipe. Now it becomes very easy for you to bake a chocolate cupcake as soon as you want.

Final Words-

Certain factors will benefit to choose the best cupcake recipe that you always want to make up. However, you can prepare the best couple cake that you always want to do so. All you have to follow the best chocolate Hennessy cupcake recipe tips. For more information, you can contact experts and for the time being, you can watch tutorials on YouTube to get the right information.

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