Chocolate Cookies Recipe From Scratch -

Chocolate Cookies Recipe From Scratch

chocolate cookies recipe from scratch

If you have a sweet tooth, then a chocolate cookies recipe from scratch is definitely for you. You can make it with only a few ingredients and a whole lot of time! It has been my favorite way to spend a quiet moment of my time. Chocolate, like any other treat, brings comfort to the senses and leaves one craving more of the treat when they have tasted it once. I usually have a small handful left and enjoy it whenever I get the chance.

Make Chocolate At Own

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Chocolate itself is delicious but there is so much more to this sweet treat that I’ve found by making my own chocolate cookies recipe from scratch. There are different types of chocolate on sale in the supermarket, so why not make your own? Here’s a great chocolate cookie recipe.

Mix together two egg yolks and 2 teaspoons vanilla extract. Add chocolate pieces to the mixture one at a time. Drop the mixture into an oven and continue cooking, turning the cookie dough back over to smooth the top. Once the chocolate is baked, allow it to cool slightly on a wire cooling rack. Once cooled, scrape off the excess chocolate from the cookie dough and store in an airtight container.

This chocolate cookies recipe tastes great and has just the right amount of chocolate to satisfy even the pickiest palate. If you aren’t too experienced with chocolate cookies, I’d recommend that you start with one that has less chocolate. As you get used to eating chocolate on a regular basis, you can add more of it to your cookie dough mixture. The less chocolate in the cookies, the less it will taste, the better.

Preparing The Dough

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For the cookie dough, start out with about one and a half cups of all purpose flour. Add three eggs to the flour and mix thoroughly. Then, you’ll want to make a paste out of cocoa powder and milk. This will be the base for your chocolate cookie recipe, which you’ll be adding the chocolate chips to.

Now you need to get out some chocolate chip cookies that are in the same flavor as the cake you are making. In my case, this was cake batter, but it’s certainly not hard to find different flavors. In a saucepan, melt the chocolate chips over the heat. Once the chips are melted, stir them in with the rest of the ingredients until they are completely blended.

Once the chocolate is blended well, it will be time to cut the cookies. It is best to ensure that the chocolate is blended well or you will have chunks in your cookies. Then, using a food processor or a blender, you should cut the mixture into small pieces. Put the pieces into a zip lock bag and put it into the freezer. You can usually get these cookies pretty quickly because the freezer does a good job of slowing down the process.

Roll Out The Chocolate Cookie

At this point you should let the mixture cool, and then you can put it into the refrigerator to chill. When it has come back to room temperature, it’s time to roll out the chocolate cookie recipe. Again, it is best if the chocolate is blended well or you will have chunks in your cookies. Use a food processor or a blender and make small balls of chocolate. Roll each of these out, and then turn them onto a plate.

Now, it is time to place the chocolate cookies on a sheet of waxed paper. The next thing you want to do is cut off a small corner of one of the balls of chocolate. This is known as the “wafer”. Take the “wafer” and put it into the center of one of the halves of the cookie. Then make a hole in the center of the chocolate wafer. This will help the chocolate wafer maintain its shape and it will not be pulled apart easily.

There are several different ways to add some flavoring to these cookies. You can add either cream or milk to the chocolate wafers. You can also make your chocolate cookie recipe even richer by using dark or semi-sweet chocolate chips. It is very easy to find these chips at any store that sells chocolate, or if you shop online, you can find these chips for a relatively low price.

Final Words

Another delicious addition to your chocolate cookies recipe is to top it off with whipped cream or chocolate sauce. Both of these additions make the chocolate so rich it will make your taste buds bleed. Once you have made these delicious, yet easy, cookies, you will never want to go back to the old reliable batter of flour, sugar, butter and eggs. Your chocolate cookies will taste like a million different things because of the different toppings you can add to them. You can make chocolate drizzle, chocolate bark, chocolate fudge and more!

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