An Easy Way To Enjoy Mexican Chocolate Cookies At Home -

An Easy Way To Enjoy Mexican Chocolate Cookies At Home

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Like other Mexican dishes, Mexican chocolate cookies have evolved through the years into a candy treat that can delight and deliver delight to even the most discriminating gourmet palate. In addition to making it as a delicious dessert, many Mexican chocolate recipes are used for making chocolate candy bars as well.

To make a true Mexican chocolate cookie recipe, you need to use a high-quality chocolate that is at least 70% cocoa. You also need to use a suitable sweetener, such as agave nectar or organic maple syrup, and preferably one that is not heavily processed or refined. Unrefined chocolate will retain more of its original flavor, whereas processed sweeteners tend to lose a lot of their aroma flavor.

A Cookie Cutter

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You have several choices when it comes to preparing a Mexican chocolate cookie recipe. You could bake the cookies whole, or you could shape them using a cookie cutter. You could decorate them with nuts or other garnishes. Or you could just leave them as they are – plain and simple, and as tasty as ever.

Most Mexican chocolate cookies recipes start with a basic double boiler set in the oven. Once the ingredients for the chocolate and the sweetener have been added, and the pot of chocolate has heated up to the proper temperature, it’s ready to be covered with aluminum foil. The foil provides an extra coating so the chocolate doesn’t brown. This ensures that the Mexican chocolate cookies won’t brown when served.

Using A Microwave

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Some people prefer to make their own chocolate at home. This can be achieved by mixing together dark chocolate, sugar, and butter, then stirring in vanilla and salt. It can also be accomplished more quickly by using a microwave. Simply melt chocolate chips (your preference) and place in the microwave, stirring constantly. Microwaves vary in power, so it’s a good idea to test yours before using it for the first time to make sure it works properly.

Many recipes call for vegetable oil to be used as a binder. If this is the case, it’s wise to add this first, then the other ingredients. If you don’t have vegetable oil, try using vegetable shortening, available in both liquid and solid forms, which will give your chocolate cookies a richer, softer texture. Another alternative is to use shortening that is not processed, such as vegan shortening. These recipes taste great but are a bit harder to make.

Served With A Dip

Mexican chocolate cookies can be served plain, with a garnish of nuts or powdered sugar, or topped with glaze. They can also be served with a dip. In addition to a dip, you can also serve Mexican chocolate cookies topped with raisins or dried fruit, or chopped nuts or pecans, and drizzled with powdered sugar. This way, you not only get the chocolate taste, but the added sweetness of the dried fruit or nuts. For an added dose of acidity, add some lemon juice to the chocolate, which makes it even more acidic than regular chocolate.

You can serve Mexican chocolate cookies recipe plain, with a garnish of chopped nuts or raisins, or sliced raw avocado. Or, you can top each of these items with a slurry of pure chocolate, then drizzle over the entire top with some melted shredded coconut oil. 


You can decorate the entire thing with sugar or powdered sugar, depending on your preferences. Although you can put chocolate chips in the freezer for a few minutes to set, once they’re ready, you’ll have to let the Mexican chocolate cool down completely before you can remove them from the pan. Once they’re cooled, wrap them in foil and refrigerate, or you can put them in the freezer until ready to serve.

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