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3 Tips On Using A Chocolate Fountain

3 Tips On Using A Chocolate Fountain

A chocolate fountain is basically a tool that can be used for serving chocolate fondue. A perfect example would be a stepped stone that stands two to four feet tall featuring a crown atop and chocolate stacked tiers on the basin right at the bottom. This basin is exposed to heat for keeping the chocolate in its liquid form. This is done for ensuring that the chocolate can easily be pulled into a center cylinder and then transported vertically to the fountain top by using a screw. From this point that chocolate flows through the tiers appearing in the form of a chocolate waterfall.

The fountain can be placed right in the middle of a party venue for the guests to dip food items such as marshmallows and strawberries. Perfect dessert treat, isn’t it?

3 Tips On Using A Chocolate Fountain

Choose The Location Carefully

If you are really bent on using a chocolate waterfall, then the very first thing that you need to work on is choosing the right location. Select a location that is away from swinging doors, air conditioning ducts, exterior doors, and dance floors. It would be an awful experience to place the fountain directly under an AC duct. This is because the cold air will cool the chocolate completely resulting in a hardened crust that will flow in a terrible manner.

Avoid The Outdoors

As a chocolate waterfall lover myself, I know that it is quite tempting to use the device outdoors, but go by my words for it. Do not ever think of using the fountain outdoors. This is because there is nothing worse than a blow of wind gushing through the fountain and the chocolate being all over you and the guests. Perhaps, the rainstorm that you had not expected might place a damper on everything and cause the fountain to seize. Even if there is no rain or wind, there will definitely be a number of insects and microorganisms. Oh yeah, these creatures also love chocolate!

Set Up The Chocolate Fountain On A Strong Level Table

3 Tips On Using A Chocolate Fountain

It is quite simple to level the fountain. It just takes two to three minutes. Majority of the fountains available in the market do not come with levels. Hence, you need to choose a six or eight-inch level additionally. It might cost you a couple of bucks but the money spent is always worth it. Place the level across the edge of the fountain’s bowl before it is filled with chocolate. Make adjustments to ensure that the fountain is level. Always keep in mind that the more perfect you are the better chocolate flow you will be getting. Level fountains let the chocolate flow in a smooth manner around the whole device making guests go “awh and ooh”. On the contrary, an unleveled waterfall will have the attendees going “ugh”.

Always make sure that the fountain is duly attended or you have your eyes on it. I have heard stories of kids going wild and even drunk adults putting themselves under the waterfall for drinking chocolate.

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